Join us for the first information session of 2018.

We have recently made a big announcement about a new course on offer, the Skillset in Fitness. This is really going to shake up the fitness industry. 

We will share our huge discovery with you and cover all the details about the NEW Skillset in Fitness as well as our Certificate III & IV in Fitness and make it even easier for you to do something you really love!

Read about it here.

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Learn how to become a better version of YOU or how to live the life YOU want as a personal trainer!  

Be sure to join us at our first information session for 2018 on Tuesday 23rd January at 5.30pm at our Gold Coast campus and find out why this is happening and HOW you can get involved.

  • Tour our incredible facility
  • Presentation by our Director Greg Tottman who will share some thought provoking facts on health and fitness
  • Practical demonstration to get you thinking
  • Important information you should consider before making a decision how and where to study
  • The ins and outs of all courses on offer.

There are some MASSIVE giveaways on the day for those who attend – you have to be in it to win it!

Arrive at 5.30pm to receive a complimentary InBody body composition scan. (Valued at $35)

An evening covering the latest changes in the fitness industry and valuable information not to be missed!

Come in and see why our HPC graduates are achieving such great levels of success and why over 80% of our students are word of mouth referrals.

5.30pm - Arrive for complimentary InBody scan
6.00pm - Information session commencement

Do not follow the path. Instead go where there is no path and leave a trail.


5.30pm - 8.00pm


Gold Coast Campus





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