Administration Manager

After emigrating to the Gold Coast from the UK 10 years ago, Lesley found her lifestyle steadily changing in a more positive and healthy direction. Around 4 years ago she decided to take things to a whole new level and set herself the challenge of competing in a Figure contest and also completing her Cert III & IV with HPC. That year literally revolutionised Lesley’s whole life and she has never looked back. Her true passion is being able to connect with people and really make a difference – to listen to whatever obstacles people they think they have, and be a part of the solution towards a better life (health and fitness related and beyond). Lesley feels lucky enough to get a job opportunity at HPC in late 2013 and has been watching and helping students change lives ever since!! She believes a passion for health and fitness is the gift that keeps on giving – we watch our students change their lives and then they leave here to teach and lead other people to do the same!!.


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